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How to avoid the appearance of false positives in Windows Defender in Windows 10

If we are Windows 10 users, I’m sure that on more than one occasion we have found that if we place ourselves in the notification area, we may have come across a Windows Defender icon with an exclamation point in yellow warning of “Recommended actions”.

Something similar happens when we also see a red shield with the X sign and a written text indicating “Necessary actions”. Well, if the case and if we access the Windows Defender Security Center and we realize that everything is green and that no action is necessary, this can be somewhat annoying.

Well, although in principle there is no specific solution to this problem, there are some things we can try so that the icon we mention is shown in green, as it should be. So here we are going to show you some suggestions to remove the Windows Defender icon with a red shield or an exclamation point in yellow, when everything is fine. On the one hand we can try to restart the Windows 10 File Explorer to see if the aforementioned icon is deleted.

On the other hand we have the possibility to open the Windows Defender Security Center and then run a quick scan of the system so that the icon with the wrong warning disappears, although in the same way we should, from this same Windows Defender Security Center , check if the firewall is activated.

Optimize Windows Defender notifications

At the same time, it is recommended to open the “Configuration” function and place “System / Notifications and actions”. Once here, in “Show notifications of these senders”, we deactivate it and we go to the configuration of Windows Defender, where we check if we need to block files in the network or put files in quarantine. Then we open the Task Manager where we right click on the Windows Defender notification icon, if it appears, and select “End Task”.

Therefore, once the system is restarted, the Windows Defender warning icon should disappear. With everything and with it, we can also erase the cache of notifications carrying out a modification in the system registry. To do this we open the Windows 10 Registry and we are in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Classes \ Local Settings \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ TrayNotify”, where we remove the values “Icon Streams” and “Past Icons Stream”.

At the same time, in the case that we have activated the protection against ransomware, we will have to be connected to OneDrive, so it could help to deactivate this protection or simply reject the OneDrive suggestion.


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