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IPhone XS Max Features

It’s the iPhone℗ with the biggest screen in history. After years maintaining that the iPhone℗ should have an appropriate size to handle with one hand, Apple℗ broke with his ideas and launched the iPhone℗ 6 Plus, a device too large for many but ended up being a best seller. This year will try to reiterate the story but with the iPhone℗ XS Max.

Spectacularly large screen

It is the year “S”, of the prototypes with that letter in the name, and that means that the changes are small, at least at the design level. Many of the users of iPhone℗ choose the prototypes “S” because they are better, more refined, they have polished the defects of the prototypes of the previous year. However, there are some who say that they do not bring anything new and that it is a wrong strategy of the company to be so continuous and take two years to “really renew” the iPhone.

The iPhone℗ XS Max is a real jewel (gem) for those who want to enjoy a mobile with the finishes of the iPhone℗ X, which has been on the market for a year, and also with a screen that falls in love since the 1st moment that the you look It’s big, very big, so big that some applications, still not optimized for this screen size, seem rough. It is the price (value) of being an “early adopter”, of acquiring a device the day of its launch, it will be time to wait for the programmers to do their work. The resolution is only slightly higher than that of the iPhone℗ X, just enough to hold the same pixel density. By presumed is HDR and OLED, which means that using it to consume multimedia content is a real joy.

Improved camera and that promises a lot

But not only the screen size is what has changed in this XS Max, the camera has also improved, and much. It will be necessary to make several tests and wait for analysis of the experts to be able to draw conclusions but it promises. I have barely been able to do some tests before notifying this preliminary review, but the results in night photography and in the portrait manner are objectively better than with the iPhone℗ X. It seems that the processing of the photos, in addition to the hardware improvements, have achieved that in less than optimal light conditions the level of detail is greater and the noise less.

As you can see in the video the portrait way also now allows you to adjust the blur of the background, so you can get more fragile or more spectacular results. You will be able to do it after capturing the photo, without having to worry more than to obtain a good capture for later and to be able to adjust it and leave it to your liking. The two objectives with optical stabilizer and 12Mpx, along with the long list of details of the camera, do their job very well. We will have to do more tests to see if the Smart HDR that Apple℗ showed us in the presentation does its job as well as they said, but it looks good.

Improved face ID

Apple said it a little bit, but it was clear that the Face ID was going to increase in this generation. It already happened with the Touch ID, which worked well on the iPhone℗ 5s but that improved a lot in later generations. Until you try something better you do not realize the defects of what you have been using so far, and it is true that the Face ID of my iPhone℗ X seems slow to me. As slow as it was the Touch ID of the iPhone℗ 5s when you compare it with the iPhone℗ 8. Surely if we quantify it is just tenths of a second, but the impression it gives is that it is so. Also, in the twelve hours that I have been testing this new iPhone℗ XS Max, I would say that it fails less.

Larger battery

The battery is also different from the iPhone℗ X, as expected. Larger size means more space for the internal elements, and it was obvious that Apple℗ would take advantage to include more battery that will feed that 6.5-inch screen. Up to 25 hours of conversation according to the details of Apple, 90 minutes more autonomy in normal use than the iPhone℗ X, will have to verify if that meets the normal use of the device. Obviously it is still too early to be able to draw the slightest conclusion about it.

Bigger is better

Or not, it depends on each one. In my case, after having had three Plus phones I knew that this size would not believe any problem, and what I get in return is a large screen with more battery power. That if I compare it with the iPhone℗ X that I had until now. It is true that the rest of details may not be noticed, at the moment, to compensate for the change from an iPhone℗ X to an XS or XS Max, although that does not mean that there are not. This iPhone℗ XS Max is what we expected, a small evolution compared to the previous generation, as it plays for being “S” but with a screen that, if it is what you are looking for, will not disappoint you. Apple℗ does not want to convince those who have an iPhone℗ X, but the rest, and for them it is this terminal.


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