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WhatsApp will include Advertising from 2019

The most popular instant messaging application in the world is news this week due to a novelty that may not like all users. According to WABetaInfo, it will integrate advertising in some tabs of its app.

WhatsApp focuses more and more on making its application profitable. The company works on introducing advertisements, first in the applications installed in the operating system of Apple, iOS. It seems that these ads could appear after displaying a certain number of states. After almost a decade, this will be one of the most significant changes that we can see in the popular app owned by the giant Facebook.

This is the measure taken by Facebook to redirect and exploit the potential of the app. In this way, the more than one thousand five hundred million users of the application will be able to be directly connected with the companies, which will entail an important way of financing for the company.

Changes and control

Among the many changes experienced by the app in these eight years, which have gone from inserting audio messages, GIFs, emojis or even the most recent voice calls, this may be one of the most significant. When introducing the announcements in the part of the States, WhatsApp will imitate Instagram in its Stories section. For something both applications are owned by Facebook.

The company already covered its back last February by changing the terms of service in the part referring to advertising that could get to the phone through WhatsApp. Therefore, it seemed obvious that the measure had been developed for a while by its parent company. Facebook – who will take care of such advertising – has been introducing these changes for months into the conditions we accept from WhatsApp.


And is that this issue is not new in the California company. In 2017, Brian Acton, one of the founders of WhatsApp and then an important asset of Facebook, resigned to continue in the company for the changes it was beginning to introduce in WhatsApp, some of them with a clear focus of the messaging app towards the business world.

Jan Koum, co-founder with Acton, also always dismissed the idea of ​​using his application for advertising purposes and had refused outright in many occasions to introduce ads in the app. Its new owner, Mark Zuckerberg, sees the future of the application in a very different way, and has already begun to lead the company in a different way than the one its main creators had devised.

The news has been unveiled by Matt Idema, WhatsApp’s operations director. With this measure, the application that belongs to Facebook pursues a greater profitability. However, in principle the ads will only appear in the states tab.

This news comes after WhatsApp decided to charge those who use the WhatsApp Business version. In fact, companies that pay for this service may also send advertising to users, although in this case it may be blocked.

In May the creators of the messaging tool left their work because of discrepancies with the managers, since they did not agree with the admission of advertising, among other things. WhatsApp has 1.500 million users that generate 450 million states per month, and will begin to see ads in them starting in 2019.

If you thought that WhatsApp would be forever a free application and ‘ad free’, we are sorry to say that this will not be the case in the future. Because, according to Matt Idema (WhatsApp’s director of operations), to The Wall Street Journal, from 2019 we will find advertisements in the states of the application.

This function will be applied first in the United States and we do not know when it will arrive in Spain. And, apparently, the ads will be very similar to the ones we see in Instagram stories.

Although, in principle, the managers of WhatsApp wanted to charge their users for the use of this ‘app’, finally this idea was not carried out, but to include advertising in the messaging application par excellence.

This innovation could harm the ‘app’ and benefit others like Telegram. Since Facebook bought WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and his team have wanted to make their business more profitable. So, given that the option to charge users was not applied, it seems that advertising has been the best option to make a profit.


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